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Branding Starts with Stationary! 3 Ways to Up Your Branding

If you breeze through the web in the hopes of finding some creative company guidance you will find that consistent branding is on the top of the list. Branding is extremely important in ensuring a company's success and strength. And this all starts with designing strong and fluid stationary that speaks to your company as a whole. Here are 3 ways that you can up your branding stationery:

(1) Bold Color Choice

The best way to get attention is through a bold and simple color choice. Nothing pops more that classic red, white and black!!


(2) Variety of Items

We all know the standard stationery items: a letter, an envelope and a business card, but why not dig deeper and have branding on a full variety of items. This will allow your brand to easily adapt to multiple environments.


(3) Have a Clear Message

The best way to have an effective and strong brand is to have a clear message to your audience. Branding allows audiences to see your company in a variety of ways and the clearer the message the more effective the brand. In the image above, this company does a great job in creating a clear message of boldness, sophistication and unconventional class that is enticing.

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